Thursday, May 19, 2016

What a difference paint can make

Happy Thursday!  Finally tackled a bedroom wall here in the mill house.  This wall took 2 days to paint.  The walls upstairs in this Master bedroom are almost 16 feet tall, the wooden shiplap walls are over 160 years old and soak up a lot of paint from being so dry.  It took 3 coats to cover the walls.  What keeps me going at this is the outcome of all our projects .  I am one that has a hard time waiting or dragging things on so I just keep on a going!  The first day I painted till my eyes could not focus anymore.  Do not advise doing this as my body ached the day after!  Anywhoo, just thought I would show you a before and after of part of our master bedroom.  I say part of because you would not believe how huge this space is up here.  Someday when I am finished I will make sure to show you the whole shooting match!  Take care my friends!

This is a before photo of the master bedroom in the mill house.  I started painting the trim on the left window and remembered that I needed to take a before photo.  I always like before and after photos.  I also added the mirror and 2 smaller pics a few days ago which is behind the bed and did not like that look at all!

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Here is the after photo.  Big difference wouldn't you say?  I love how bright and airy feeling it is now.  


Tori said...

Hey Theresa....thanks for sharing! I love the brighter walls. I live in an older home (circa 1936) and ALL of our walls AND ceiling are tongue and groove heart pine. I desperately want to paint but my husband does not. I'm definitely showing him your post!!! What brand and color paint did you use?

JenT said...

WOW, this room, your whole house are absolutely wonderful. Just discovered you today via IG. Such fun. Congratulations on all you've accomplished. Wowweee!