Friday, July 17, 2015

Let the painting begin!

     Hi my friends, It is amazing how you can take a can of paint (many cans in my case) and turn a room into something totally different. Choosing a color of paint for your walls can be a real head scratcher sometimes. If your like me and love to redecorate a room or two often, I always revert to a good ole neutral color on the walls such as a soft creamy white or beige, sometimes a hint of buttery white is pretty also. I took into consideration a few factors when deciding what color to paint the walls in this ole 160 year old mill.

      Firstly, I thought...Theresa, how often are you going to want to repaint these 15 foot high walls? Answer...I don't ever want to do this again!! So, I had to make sure that the color that was going on these walls is what I could live with for a very long time.

      Next question....Theresa (that's me) what style are you going for? Answer...I love to incorporate old, worn, weathered pieces into any room with a light, airy feeling. I love a more neutral pallete of creams, whites, blues, old greens, and faded yellows, and of course, let's not forget aged wood. Now if I were to combine all these elements into my style, I would have to say it is eclectic country farmhouse,  with a twist of Modern elements,  and a touch of english cottage.

      Geez, That was tough! Have you asked yourself that question before? It's hard when you love so many styles and to try to attach a label to it? So, where was I?, Oh yes, next question I asked myself...Theresa (that's me again), what colors do you love to decorate with? Now, this is fairly easy for me. I love to use many soft colors of blues, creams, and at holidays more bolder colors of oranges, and reds. So therefore I needed a neutral color on the walls that would go with all the colors of my pillows, rugs, and such.

      The color of paint I chose to use? Drum roll please.........A soft antique white. So far, I am loving the color. Originally the ole flour mill had white walls. So I find it lends itself to this color also. As I paint each wall, the more and more it is reminding me of a country cottage, or a cottage on a beach. It just has that feel about it. Sometimes you have to let the house speak to you. I have some great ideas for this ole gal (the mill not me) and hope soon I can start to add my furnishings. So enough said, here are a few before and after photos of the bathroom painted.  Note to self....Make sure to take before and after photos from the same place.

Look how bright and airy this room has become.  Love it!  Can't wait to start decorating in here, and to soak in this tub!
Here is a before photo

 Here is after paint.  My husband added a small light behind the enclosed leaded glass case.

Before painting walls in bathroom.

Here is after painting.  This is the wall where the sink is and a large mirror will hang.

Before painting of bathroom.


Connie said...

I can't wait to see you guys. So excited to see the Mill too! I'm thinking we'll be around the end of August or beginning of September. Hopefully you will be moved by that time. I'll be in touch!

Aimee at Refresh-Renew... said...

Oh my goodness...Theresa! I had to search thru 3 blogs and newspaper articles to find your current blog! I love what you do! I have become a stalker! I cannot imagine how you would have time to blog with all you do...but you need to! Your Mill renovation needs to be on HGTV! I hope once you are settled in you can post about your journey. What a gorgeous labor of love! Best-Aimee