Friday, December 6, 2013


     Brrr!  Winter is here in case anyone hasn't noticed.  Doesn't take a meteorologist to figure it out.  Good day to stay indoors and putz around.  I am the biggest procrastinator when it comes to wrapping gifts.  I don't know why, it just isn't my favorite thing to do, besides I am not as gifted , pardon the pun, in this area.  Before I forget be sure to visit my holiday kitchen tour here  Holiday kitchen tour and my Holiday dining table setting in the depot  Holiday dining table setting in the depot.

     This morning I thought I would show you a few photos of my great room (its not that I'm bragging that it's a great room, I've seen better) while the sun is shining somewhat.  I did decide to move the white rocker bench into the "Great Room" for extra seating when guests come for Christmas. 

     I've sure enjoyed browsing through several blogs that are showing their beautiful holiday homes.  Some very talented gals out there.  This year I'm going with less is more theme.  Maybe I'm just being lazy, but I do know how much work it is to take it all down too.  Well I am off to the grocery store to gather ingredients for some chili tonight with a side of cornbread and warm tapioca pudding.  Good night for it.  It is 5 below zero here right now.  Hope you have a wonderful day my friends!  Stay warm.

This year I decided to have a large Charlie Brown tree.  My husband calls it a feather looking tree.  Well I guess it kinda resembles one.

This is on of my favorite mirrors I had purchased at the Country Living fair in Atlanta.

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Thursday, December 5, 2013


     Happy holidays my friends.  Just thought I would give myself a break from the holiday theme and just post about how many ways I have changed one room in my little depot. I can't begin to tell you how many times I have moved furniture, added or removed a piece of furniture, changed pillows or rugs.  Oh, and I also switched coffee tables a time or two.

          Am I the only one out there that has an obsession a thing about having to change decor in a room at least every other month?  I think my reasons are this.... I moved into this smaller renovated RR depot from a very large home and with a smaller space I am always trying new ways to make it appear spacious.

     Have you ever heard someone say that they wanted to downsize?  Not me.  Well, I take that back.  I had a moment when I thought that I too would like to downsize to make my life easier.  Wrong.... I find myself constantly cleaning because the smaller the space or home, the messier it can look faster.  Every inch of a smaller home is used more often is my theory.  Oh well.  Soon I will be moving into the mill and I will probly complain it's to big.  Well, anywho, I thought I would show you how many times I had changed my great room after only living here for less than a year and a half.  I could not find some of my photos that would show a few more changes but there are plenty here.  As you will see I have a thing for pillows, rugs, and furniture.  Enjoy.  Have a blessed day my friends.