Wednesday, April 10, 2013


Happy Spring my peeps!  It's raining buckets here in my part of Wisconsin.  Wish Mother nature would make her mind up and stop throwing in a little wintery mix to our so called Spring.  I decided to look around in Craigslist a few days ago (page after page) and just when I was going to call it a night I came across this Armouir entertainment center that was for sale.  After an hours drive, we made it home with this beauty.

It has an old country look with a soft warm pine color.  It is a heavy beast.  Remember a few posts back when my husband informed me that he did not want me to bring in anymore pieces of furniture(because we will only have to move it all again when the mill is done)?  Well he caved in, hey I have my ways of persuasion!   Are you ready for what it cost me?.................$200.00.  Yep, BEAT THAT POTTERY BARN! 

I also had found a smaller footstool to redo with a little paint and some vintage beige/crm ticking material for the top. I am still looking for a much larger one for cheap.  Well anyways, here is my treasures of the week. I had also found a new store that I just love.  Home Goods store.  It's associated with TJ Max I guess.  It has lots of great prices and the selection of home d├ęcor is wonderful.  I found a very large tin pressed wall piece with a beautiful patina that I just had to have.  Did not know where I was going to use it but sometimes ya just have to do it and figure where to put it when it gets home.

I placed it sitting on top of the fireplace mantel for now.  Still unsure if it should stay there or not.   I think that it's the color that is the problem.  If I keep it there I will have to get different pillows for the sofa to match better.  Such dilemmas ha?  Well hope you all have a great week.