Monday, February 18, 2013

Few new finds over the past week

Good day my friends.  Hope that you had an enjoyable weekend.  My husband and I had the chance to get away and go junking!  I did find a few treasures this time.  One is right between the sofa and wingback chair.  It is the cute white shelf cubby with 2 drawere below it.   It was a perfect fit here.  Now you may ask how do I know where to put it once I found that I just had to have it.  Sometimes I do know what piece I buy and where I plan to put it.

This piece I did not know.  I just knew that the price was right, it was unique, the color was perfect and I just had to own it.  I figured I would worry where to put it later.  Well It works just perfect in this spot here.

I had a few weeks earlier had to have my pottery barn fix.  So I knew that I had to own this square flat basket and that it would be perfect for my coffee table.  I also knew that I needed some new candle bases and the candles.  Just love how it turned out.  Now if I could only find that perfect area rug for under my coffee table.  Just need some color for spring and summer I think.  I did also find a few other treasures which I will post later.  Enjoy the day!
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pam said...

Very day when my 5 year old grows up...I'd love to have all white ;)

bayrayschild said...

So very nice! Love where you placed your cubby /shelf.


Vickie @ Ranger 911 said...

I'm visiting from Cozy Little House and just wanted to tell you how lovely your home is!

Kelly said...

I love your style! What a charming room. I've enjoyed looking at all the pretty pics of your home. I found you from Welcome Wagon on Brenda's blog.