Tuesday, February 19, 2013

My show and tell day

This french scale was found last fall at the Country Living Fair.  Just thought I'd throw this grouping in that I just did.
Check out this iron book holder for 3 dollars!  What a steal.  Found at a second hand store.
This was one of my favorite finds.  The 3x3 black framed branch pics.  Each cost me 2.50 for a total of 11.00.  Just love how they look so vintage.
This is a reproduction chicken wire silverware thingamabob!  Great for holding all your silverware at gatherings or your makeup or whatever.  It even spins!  This cost me 14.00.
Check out these beauties!  Pink pearl handled silverware.  Never seen these before.  All for 7.00.  What a bargain.
Basket 3.00, the vintage pottery pitcher and 5 cups 7.00.  Can't wait to serve lemonade in these cuties!
large white washed metal pedestal for 24.00
Pedestal with fern bunch added. 
Here are a few more treasures found from this past weekend.  Isn't junking listed as a disease yet?  I know that  I have a terrible addiction to it.  Hope you enjoy them.  So far I have been able to find a place for it all except the pink handles silverware.  I will be selling them in my store.
So moral of this post is that you can decorate for less than you think.  If you have paint, time to travel, and patience to wait for something that you want, chances are you will eventually find it at a cheaper price.  I always live by "It's my deal or no deal".  Most likely you can recieve at least 10 percent off in an antique store or second hand shop.  Never hurts to ask.
I do have one more bigger purchase that we have to go back to get in a few days, weather permitting.  Can't wait to show you.  Well thats all I have for now.  Have a wonderful day my friends!

I just posted and am back editing this.  My captions do not appear in each photo so I will list the costs of my treasures.
White washed metal pedestal.....24 dollars
Pink pearl handled silverware.....7 dollars
Iron book easel.......3 dollars
Sunflower pottery pitcher and 5 cups......7 dollars
Long breat basket in window.....5 dollars
Chicken wire silverware caddy....14 dollars
Set of 4 black framed vintage look pictures......11 dollars

Monday, February 18, 2013

Few new finds over the past week

Good day my friends.  Hope that you had an enjoyable weekend.  My husband and I had the chance to get away and go junking!  I did find a few treasures this time.  One is right between the sofa and wingback chair.  It is the cute white shelf cubby with 2 drawere below it.   It was a perfect fit here.  Now you may ask how do I know where to put it once I found that I just had to have it.  Sometimes I do know what piece I buy and where I plan to put it.

This piece I did not know.  I just knew that the price was right, it was unique, the color was perfect and I just had to own it.  I figured I would worry where to put it later.  Well It works just perfect in this spot here.

I had a few weeks earlier had to have my pottery barn fix.  So I knew that I had to own this square flat basket and that it would be perfect for my coffee table.  I also knew that I needed some new candle bases and the candles.  Just love how it turned out.  Now if I could only find that perfect area rug for under my coffee table.  Just need some color for spring and summer I think.  I did also find a few other treasures which I will post later.  Enjoy the day!
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Thursday, February 14, 2013


Here is our bathroom sink that was created by my husband.  He made 2 of these sinks.  He used a large old table and parted into 2 pieces.  Clever ha?

Here is a cheap find at an antique store.  It is an old milk bottle carrier for 15 dollars.  Great piece for some necessaries in the bathroom.

Here is another view of bathroom.  Old wooden cabinet piece found at antique store that I painted.  Had my hubby put shelving above toilet.  Just found the white narrow cabinet sitting along side toilet on floor for 40 dollars at second hand store.  When I have a bit more time I need to repaint due to some scuff marks on front.  Just love that it makes a nice medicine cabinet and does not take up much space.

I am almost at a finished point in the bathroom.  There is one wall that is bare.  Just waiting for the right piece or picture to hang there.  But thought that I would post what I had finished so far in the depot bathroom. Just love the blueish-gray paint with white.  I repainted the oval mirror that is an oldie.  It used to be gold.  Just love what a little paint can do to refresh a project or turn it into something different.  Hope everyone is having a great day.  Happy Valentines day to all you lovers out there.  The sink is made from a salvaged old table that my husband halved and made a sink into one half.  There is the other half of table sink in our store.  There is a picture of a vintage milk bottle carrier that works great as a place to house a few necessities for the bathroom.  It was found in an antique store for 15 dollars. 

Also there is a thick wire basket that was found for 20 dollars at another shop.  Works well for rolled up towels. 

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Just putzing around the house

Hi folks.  Just thought I would show you my progress on my great room.  Changing things to french country is a challenge at times.  Just because my style used to be more primitive farmhouse.  So gathering certain things for here or there makes it tough.  So I've been junking over the past week and found a few items that fit into the scheme of things.
Rearranged a bit, not much.  So anywhoo, this is what I came up with.  My favorite thing to do is add washed browns with cream and white throughout this room.  What a difference in atmosphere!  I am loving this look.  Sure looking forward to Spring.  It's been snow every other day for the past week.  Hope that you all have a great hump day!   Hmmmm, maybe I'd better be more clear.........Have a great Wednesday!

Love my little bunnies!  Added these lil fellas on top of my white pie safe.