Sunday, January 6, 2013

Here we go again!!!

Love my new old island.  I think it was a store counter years ago.

Another view.  I really like the light buttery yellow.  Really brightens things up. The picture below has been updated with baskets hanging over other end of counter. 

I just gotta tell you friends that Finally the depot is pretty much done.  Thought that I'd post an update on the kitchen.  Took out 3 old cupboards that housed storage for me.  Added a wall cupboard without doors for the dishes.  Added the huge store counter for an island.  We had this piece for years and had used it recently for a cutting counter for my wool at the store.  Just love it.  And an update on the old mill.  My husband Ross started work on the mill.  He and a team of Amish men started this week.  They added the basement door and all the basement windows.  Shoring up floor joists and the like.  So we are on our way now.  We are excited!  I think this project will take just a bit longer than the depot, but well worth the wait.

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A Primitive Homestead said...

Your kitchen is wonderful. Love that space & the island is a dream. Wish I had room. Blessings! Lara