Monday, January 28, 2013

A new facelift in the works

Hello my friends.  Have not posted in a few days due to many distractions.  Hope you like my fresh new look of my blog.  Spent many hours trying to figure out how to do a few tricks to spruce up the blog.  I have to tell you that meeting you via blog has been such a wonderful experience.  Love making new friends near and far.  The Grow your blog party has helped me that department.  I had gotten to know a new friend from out East who helped me create my blog and teach me some new tricks.  Her name is Elizabeth from Mooseberry cottage blog.  She was kind enough to hold my hand through such a tedious task of figuring out blog techniques.  After a few days of working with me I am so grateful to of created a nice collage of pictures in my header of blog.  Thank you Elizabeth!  Did I mention that she is also a very talented artist who lives in the coolest place?  A barn!

So anywhooo, here is my next challenge.  See this old yucky cabinet that houses my television?  As you can see in this photo...I tried to sand it on the left to see if I could bring out a lighter tone of the wood.  After about 30 minutes of that I said to heck with that!  So now I am going to paint the cabinet into something spectacular.....(I hope!)  I'm thinking off white.  What do you think?  Or a plain white.  I will also antique it to make it look aged.  So in a few days I hope to tackle this and a few other jobs.

I have to tell you about our little treasure hunt a few days ago.  My hubby and I went to a store called Habitat for Humanity.   Its a resale store of old things out of homes being torn down, remodeled and such.  Anywhooo, my husband came across this very large 10'6x11" size wool rug in beautiful tones of off white/linen.  It still had the price tag of 3580.00 on it from an expensive carpet store in the area.

It had the resale stores price of 250.00 on it.  WHAT A DEAL!  On the original invoice it said that it was a special order and the person decided after paying 75% down, they did not want it for whatever reason.  Wait, it gets better...........So my husband went up to the elder ladies working behind the counter of store and said that we are planning to purchase that rug and that we are still going to shop around before paying for it.  

So, anywhoooo.....I was in the back and the elder lady came back to me and said  "I'm sorry, but we need for you to pay for this rug now because there are 2 other ladies that are wanting to buy the rug and did not believe it was sold until we paid for it.  So on my way up to the counter I said, "I was not done shopping yet and all the sudden this lady at the counter turned around in a huff and out the door she went!  Mad as a dog with rabies!  Well, snooze ya loose!  So now its in storage until the old mill is finished.  Can't wait.  Well I best get back to my taxes.  Have a great day!
old wardrobe /now TV cabinet


Lesa said...

Congratulations on your great rug find! I love beautiful rugs and that was a real score! Looking forward to seeing your work on the cabinet.

A Primitive Homestead said...

Wonderful cabinet. Congrats on great deal for the rug. Blessings! Lara

Sea Witch said...

So glad you got the rug. That other lady's energy was too downer for me.

Fun With This and That said...

Boy you must have been on cloud nine. It will be nice to see. Laura

Kadee Willow said...

Oh,my gosh... had the same experience at our local resale shop. A 9x12 Pottery Barn rug bound on all sides. When this other woman asked about it, the elder lady behind the counter said it was just sold.. to me! She was so upset but I told her where she could get the same one. Of course, not at the price I bought this one but hey!.. just trying to soothe the pain. Small world! Can't wait to see the reveal on yours.

Linda said...

Theresa, where is the Habitat for Humanity store located? I'm in your neck of the woods and would like to get some great deals. We are planning to build a new house and put old stuff in it.