Friday, October 26, 2012

My visit to Country Living Fair

Hi folks,  Just wanted to let you know that we made it to the Country Living Fair in Atlanta, GA.  Made it safe without any problems.  It was a wonderful time.  Got there at 8 am in the morning.  Paid the extra money to get in early.  It is well worth the money to get in early.  Not as much congestion.  There were so many folks lined up waiting to get in at the regular time.  Bought some nice things to take home for the depot.  The white painted mirror was one of the prized possessions that I had gotten..  If you ever plan on attending in the near future, FYI...Some vendors will dicker on the price But you have to ask.  And some do not.  Of course I have to try.  Just my human nature to save a few pennies if can.  I did also buy some nice textiles from a lady that was European and thats where she brought her goodies from.  The atmosphere was wonderful.  Food was good.  Well I just had a sandwich and it was good.  I will post all my goodies when I get home.  I also took a few pictures of great ideas that you may want to try for yourselfs.  All in all was a nice time, but I don't think I would go again.  To me it was more like a arts and crafts show with a few antiques scattered around.  I can now check this one off my bucket list.  We are now taking our time going back home, but plan to do a lot of junking on the way.  Still looking for a few pieces to make my depot interior complete.  I will not rest till I find these things that I need.  Thrill of the hunt I guess.  The weather was beautiful.  We had originally planned to go further south to the coast but Hurricane Sandy is comming to town so we thought we should stay clear and head to safer grounds.  The mountains here are beautiful.  The fall colors are still vibrant in many areas.  Will post more pics of other areas of interest at a later time.  Tata for now.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Heading to the Country Living Fair!

Hi all, Just wanted to let you know that I am leaving in the morning with my wonderful husband to go to the country Living Fair in Atlanta Georgia for the first time.  I've always wanted to go to this for many years and finally we are going.  I will post pictures as soon as I am able to break away from all the shopping I plan to do.  Yes, we will be picking on the way.  Going to buy the early buyers passes for 90 minutes of shopping time there before the other crowd gets in.  Im sure there will be lots of other early buyers.  We are taking the pull behind trailer just incase a bigger item comes along that I cant live without.  There are a few items that I have on my list for the depot that I am hoping to find with a good deal attached.  Til then, stay happy and healthy.

Early start to the holiday decorating

Here is a start to the holiday decorating in the depot.  I know, I know, its too early some might say, but I wanted to get a good start because it takes me a while to figure out things and all my christmas decor is in storage elseware which would be quite cold for me if I waited to dig through it all in late November.  Its the only time of year that I really decorate.  I do have the tree set up too but its not decorated yet.  What do ya think?  I hung stockings up on the mantle for each of my grandchildren with their initials on each of them. Hope everyone is enjoying the last of fall weather.