Friday, September 14, 2012

Few small changes

 Here are a few pictures of what I have been monkeying around with (besides unpacking).  Just so you don't think Im sitting around watching soap operas.  As you can see in my greatroom picture....I had a change of heart and Had returned the red area rug for a more neuteral one.  I found it challenging to try and add other colors into my room.  It had to blend with red.  So neuteral it is.  I really like it better.  It is more me. 

Here is a little fall arrangement for the harvest table.  To busy to add anymore fall this year.  Ready to start Christmans...I know, I know, Im a bit nutso!

Here is the great room with neutral area rug that I changed  in place of the red. 
Here are the shelves that I had my wonderful husband make for me that I thought up.  Turned out great!  Had a few more corbels left which we had stored over the years.  They came off of an old hotel.

Here is an old mirror frame that we made into a chalkboard which is now in my kitchen.

Here is another snapshot of the shelving.

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