Saturday, August 25, 2012

Where do we begin?

Welcome to my blog. In case you are wondering what this blog is about, I am going to fill you in.
This is all about my husband Ross and I (Theresa) and our quest to save and restore an old 157 yr old flour mill into our home and also restoring an old late 1800's railroad depot. I will keep you posted with pictures of before and after so that you can take the journey with us as we renovate our projects....A little putty, a Little paint.....................!

Things have been very crazy this past month. First we sold our old farmhouse and moved out within a months time. We found ourselves homeless and ended up staying with our oldest son and his wife's home for 3 weeks until our addition onto the depot had gotten far enough along to were we could live. Did I ever tell anyone how much I dislike living among construction?

Well we added a bedroom, bathroom, closet, hallway, made the upstairs stairway take a different route, took out a wall in the kitchen, added all new flooring , painted like crazy which I really do not like either and am not finished yet, and oh we did not have running water until today. It was about like camping. My husband had to keep reminding me that this is an adventure.

So you have it in a nut shell folks. This journey is making my ass tired! I always seem to find myself more positive after each day passes. I am turning the lights off now and hopefully will be well rested in the morning. My husband informed me that there will be a few guests stopping by to see our progress. I will try to post before and after pictures within the next few days.....So stay tuned to our adventures of A little putty, a little paint.......

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